One thought which crossed my mind:

The last 2 month I tried to read sheet music, to find the keys and to push them right in time. But somehow I don’t feel I would have learned much about music … I learned the movement of my hands and arms and how I can stay in the right rythmus, but when I play a key wrong, I’m not able which of my two hands played the wrong note. So actually I don’t know anything about music.

There ist some analogy which popped in my mind … It’s somehow someone would give you a PC-keyboard with unlabeled keys and told you where to press on exactly which time. One could learn something stupid by repeating the task over and over again. But does he learn writing in this way?

Don’t think so … or it takes a long time.

Perhaps the key for learning music is to improvize … or to try to reproduce a piece by ear. I could imagine that this kind of training would directly link the notes to the keys in the brain and to develop a sense for music.

Just repeating keystrokes over and over again seem to be a fast way for playing something somehow, but the main focus should be the learning of playing freely and this can’t (imho) accomplished in this way.

Your thoughts would be very interesting for me 🙂 Perhaps there is someone who is reading this blog …

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