My digitalpiano

Didn’t mention it before … Perhaps the reason was that I didn’t know whether I really would write this blog or not 😉

First, I tried with the old Techniks KN800 keyboard of my dad, but there were some issues which created a feeling of uncomfortableness. One thing was the missing sustain-paddel which resulted in always-stakkato. One other thing was the touch-sensitivity which was very unsensitive 😉 It could only loud and louder and the sound was fat away from being a piano. That’s no wonder, because it’s a keyboard and no piano clone.


I decided to buy a Casio PX-120 digitalpiano which is the only recommended device for less than 600EUR. The PX-120 and the Yamaha YDP-140 are both recommended devices but the latter is even more expensive. One key-feature is the good claviature which is equipped with a hammer-mechanic – and the hammer-mechanic seems to be an absolute must for a digital piano in order to get a similar touch sensitivity and feeling like a real acoustic piano.

I got mine used from EB*y for 240EUR less than a new one. I knew the PX-120 was first produced in 2008, so it would still have more than 2 years warranty.

Compared to an acoustic piano, I’m quite satisfied with the sound quality. It’s funny to see such a small device trying to be a really big one 😉 The internal speakers don’t give the sound as good as it could be, but I always use head-phones – good Sennheiser HD487. The only thing to criticize is the sound in the middle range … It sounds as a real piano in the low and high range, but the middle range sounds like … somehow a bit sine-like without piano characteristical sound. I suppose this would be a bit different on Yamaha keyboards (actually I saw a video on Youtube about the P-140 and it sounded in the mid-range like a piano …)

Nevertheless I’m satisfied with the keyboard. 🙂

Thx for reading!

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