Learning since …

… 15. May 2009 …

Oh, that’s almost 2 month now – and still I’m no concert pianist 😉

The last 2 month made some things clear … there’s a big difference in „finding the keys in time“ and really play piano.

Please don’t understand me wrong … It’s not that I thought I would become very good within 2 month or a year or so … It’s just the experience how much there ist to learn. And more difficulty, things which are really to late to learn. At least I feel so at the moment.

Finding the right keys in time is a skill someone can get within a short time by learning
– reading sheet music (scales, key signatures, duration of notes and pause, and so on …) and finding the right notes on the keyboard and
– repeating and repeating and repeating until the movement of the two hands gets into the Cerebellum.

I tried to record my playing with the PC, but I didn’t manage to get a version which was free of errors … Perhaps a bit later …

Aahh ohh … forgot … Do you know what my first piece is I’m learning?

Did I mention, that I like challenges?

I’m about half the way through the piece and I find almost all keys in time 😉

Afterwards, it seems that piece was quite fitting for a beginner … Other pieces like the theme of „pinky and brain“ seem to be very more difficult although someone expect exactly the contrary.

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