Hello World!

Hello World!

The most written program in all kinds of different computer languages output this sentence. Did you know that?

Now a couple of words about me … My name is Thomas, German and I’m 29 years old. I just got my degree in computer technology and I am employed on a German University and I intend to get my Dr someday. My hobbies are wide spread, so I can knit and crochet, play chess, develop electronics for all kinds of purposes, read books (mainly Scifi – try BenBova books!).

Now, I want to learn playing piano. Do you think, I’m too old for?

Leave a comment 🙂

3 Gedanken zu „Hello World!

  1. Hi – i just stumbled across your blog and I think it is fantastic. I’m very inspired (I’m also learning). Good for you to challenge yourself and start at 29 years old!

  2. I’m 29 (and a software engineer) as well, living in Pakistan, and I also started learning piano a few months back 🙂 I’m currently working on Fur Elise and Chopin’s Waltz Op 69 no. 2, but it’s taking time! Good luck with your learning!

  3. Just come across your video on YouTube. I’m trying to learn piano at 35. I think it ll take some Time (i ll compare this to me trying to learn speedcubing… That with dedication it’s possible to improve) anyway, i’m struggeling with playing with my two hands…….

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