Home – Friedrich & Pobot Piano Cover (Ikea Commercial)

It’s been quite a while … Actually, it’s been almost exactly a year as I lost sight of playing piano. I played almost nothing – only trying *not* to forget Op.70 No.2. Although, I played it a couple of times within the last year, I can’t play it perfect and there are some (small) parts missing.

To get warm with the piano again, I decided to finish learning a small piece which I learned about up to the half about one year ago. Surprisingly, the beginning of Home from Friedrich & Pobot is quite easy. It took just one hour or two to remember how to play it. Buuut, then there were the 2nd half which can be a bit bitchy. There are large jumps like c#6, a5, h4 which has to be played at a speed of about 190. I didn’t reach the speed but I think, the piece would have been too fast anyways.

Here my interpretation:

And of course, the (ways better) Ikea commercial video from 2009:


Op.70 No.2 on old Bösendorfer

Last week I was on holidays in Austria (in the near of Wörgl) and I had the opportunity to visit the „1. Tiroler Holzmuesum“. The Holzmuesum is a muesum all about wood and the most interesting part was an old Bösendorfer piano – made in 1875 in Austria – on which visitors were allowed to play … So I took the opportunity to play Op.70 No.2 …

Here a recording:

One Year Piano Anniversary

First year of playing piano was completed on the 15th May.

The first 2 weeks were played on an old Technics KN800 … After these 2 weeks I realized, I would never learn playing piano properly on this thing. Everything was simply wrong … Wrong keys without weight, no dynamics, bad sound, too few keys …

Then, I bought a Casio PX120 and started to write this blog … Well, this was one year ago … Unbelievable, how fast the time runs away …

Two contests on youtube

There are two playing contests on youtube.

The first one is from Thomas Andersen (aka thomandy) who announced a playing contest of one of his own compositions in a very funny and must see video on youtube. The title of Thomas‘ piece is Prelude in F minor. Thomas means it’s about grade 1-2, but for people who didn’t ever play F minor it’s not that easy – including me, of course 🙂 But the piece is short and slow and I really like it 🙂 Deadline is the 16th Sep 2009.

The second one is from Andrew Furmanczyk (aka Lypur on youtube). He wrote a piece, called Dolphins. Andrew says in his announcement, that the piece would be about grade 6 because the timing is sometimes a bit tricky. Deadline is the 1st Nov 2009.

The price of both is exposure for about 2-3 weeks on the youtube channel of both. So, if you learn the pieces, post it and win the competion, you will win thousands of hits on youtube.


Did you ever think:“Wuuh … that’s sooo bloody hard, I won’t ever be able to play this fluently and in the right rythm“? 🙂

That was the case with the current piece Amelie Poulain – Comtine d’un autre ete l’apr.

Kind a brain teaser …


Tried a couple of days with about 2-3h daily … The unbelievable happened …

It turned out, that I will be able to play this piece of s… uhm … music 😀

Never say you will never learn something! Just try 🙂 It will become easier 🙂

And one further tip: remember that there were things you thought you wouldn’t be able to do ever – finally you did it. Just keep trying and everything will be possible 🙂

Recommendation: Lypur on YouTube

Andrew Furmanczyk has recorded and uploaded a lot of „how to play piano“ videos on YouTube. His intention is to provide piano learn lessons to people who can’t afford one in real life. The lessons are not only very professional but funny as well 🙂


A must see 🙂