Yann Tiersen – Comptine d’un autre été L’après midi Amelie (Piano cover)

Here my version of Amelie:

Lots of mistakes 🙂


Amelie’s trap

It seems there is a trap in Amelie. The left hand repeates four different measures all over the entire piece. But every tutorial show something wrong. Even I learned it wrong as I learned it from the sheet music without video tutorial.

partDo you see the quarter notes? They are always interpreted as eigth …

Actually when playing with pedal it shouldn’t even make any difference, because the notes are hold to the next measure.

Two samples of showing it wrong are here and here.

Strange somehow … But as it doesn’t make any difference at all, I keep playing it in the wrong way …

What do you think about?

Alea iacta est

So, I decided which will be my next piece to learn.

It’s a piece of Yann Tiersen which name is Amelie Poulain – Comtine d’un autre ete l’apr. Unfortunately I don’t speek French, so I don’t know what the title means. Please let me know, if you speak French 🙂

Here the reference:

I started learning this beautiful piece, which should be well-known by a lot of people (do you know the movie? 🙂 ), about 1 week ago. Actually it was a week earlier, but then I was one week on vacation, so it doesn’t count 😉

This piece is very repetative and it’s soooo different to River Flows in You. There are 4 different measures for the left hand which repeat all over the entire piece. Secondly the 2nd half is almost identical to the 1st half, but one octave higher. So, actually someone has to learn less than a half 🙂 But Although this piece seems that easy it sounds sooo nice 🙂

So, let’s see how long does it take …

Ah, forgot to mention … reading from the sheet is still difficult …