Watching Japanese stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to switch back to German again after watching hours and hours of animes with english subtitles 🙂

„Gantz“ … Really strange but surprisingly quite gripping …

Hmm … What I thought about … I would really like to get some seasons of Star Trek TNG in Japanese language (with subtitles). I think, I’ll have a look at if there is something affordable available 🙂

My favourite always has been ST Voyager but at first glance, it seems there is no Japanese version out there … At least, youtube didn’t show me results of Japanese trailers or something like this …

But I could be pleased with other stuff like Stargate …

Let’s see … Although I’ve seen aaaaall episodes of Star Trek and Stargate (and there are incredibly many), I should watch them again if my Japanese listening skills could benefit from 🙂

Here some funny clip from Japanese TNG:

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