Home – Friedrich & Pobot Piano Cover (Ikea Commercial)

It’s been quite a while … Actually, it’s been almost exactly a year as I lost sight of playing piano. I played almost nothing – only trying *not* to forget Op.70 No.2. Although, I played it a couple of times within the last year, I can’t play it perfect and there are some (small) parts missing.

To get warm with the piano again, I decided to finish learning a small piece which I learned about up to the half about one year ago. Surprisingly, the beginning of Home from Friedrich & Pobot is quite easy. It took just one hour or two to remember how to play it. Buuut, then there were the 2nd half which can be a bit bitchy. There are large jumps like c#6, a5, h4 which has to be played at a speed of about 190. I didn’t reach the speed but I think, the piece would have been too fast anyways.

Here my interpretation:

And of course, the (ways better) Ikea commercial video from 2009:

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