[Op.13] New recording (Bars 9-12)

Today, I recorded a 2nd take of the bars 9-12 (the hard part). It’s interesting how much difference a single day can make … The tempo is more even, but I think it’s a bit slower … It’s a bit hard to determine the real speed … My metronome was set to 175, what would mean, that 1/16 = 175bpm and 1/32 = 350. Resulting in 43.75bpm for a quarter. But measuring the count of samples from quarter to quarter gave me 45000 samples @ 44100Hz sample rate. That would be 58.80bpm. So, something is strang here … I assume, that there is somewhere a problem with playing with metronome, since the count of samples should be right here … (43.75bpm would be 60480 samples which is definitivly not the case)

I think, it’s time to focus on the last 3 bars which should be lot easier than the bars before, because it’s more or less the same as bars 6-8 (the hand-crossing part).

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