[Op.13] Hard part learned …

I finally got it learned … What seemed impossible again – concerning the mix of complexity and speed – turned out to be playable again. I’ve been working on this part for 7 days … It’s strange … 7 days seem to be a magical border for learning new stuff – at least for me. It always needs 7 days to learn something good enough to do a record from it … Of course, mastering needs a lot longer …

My experience on this part is, I must think ahead to the next chord after playing a chord and while playing the 1/32-notes. Otherwise I don’t get the chords done in time and suddenly has to stop, because I don’t know what to play next. Strangly, my cerebbelum doesn’t know either, yet 😉 It still needs lots of brain power and I hope this will improve … After about 3-4 tries in this speed the quality decreases rapidly and I need a break for about 1-2 minutes …

The speed is about 60bpm, which will probably be my final recording speed … I hope to get a bit faster in order to reach better accuracity when playing with this speed …


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