[Op.13] Progress

Today, I recorded the first sheet. It’s really difficult to evenly play the 1/32 notes. The speed is not too bad, but I fear, I won’t be able to play the 2nd sheet in the same speed, thus resulting in an overall slower speed. There were attempts playing the fast notes with crossed hands in the 2nd sheet, but then the accords (consisting of 3 to 4 notes) would have to be played with the left hand and this seems to be very difficult as well. I think I’ll stop practicing the first sheet and concentrate on the 2nd now.

One further thing I’m not sure about is the correct padelling. The recording was done without padelling (that means padel was pressed the whole time). This seems not to be very distracting, but the last part gets very blurry, so I’ll have to padel at least in the very last part.

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