Schumann Symphonic Etude Op.13

My next piece will be an increbidbly fast piece, written by Schumann. It’s the first Variation on Schumann’s Symponic Etudes Op. 13. I choose this, because a friend learned it about one year ago and encouraged me to finally learn a fast piece and not always slow ones. So, I finally begun learning this and it is really really fast. The base tempo is about 70bpm for quarter notes and one have to continuosly play 1/32-notes all over the entire piece. In the first half the 1/32-notes are in the right hand, the 2nd half in the left.

Moreover, the difficulty was not only the speed, but parts in this piece which seemed impossible to play fluently in this speed. A friend told me, I would have to cross my hands to play a key of the right hand with the left which plays slow chords (consisting of quarter notes). Although, I already got the hint of having to cross my hands, I asked Paul Barton for help, because there were more parts, I couldn’t imagine to be playable in a normal way. He was very kind to answer me my questions in a video message 🙂

I’ve been practicing this piece for about 2 weeks now, but I was 5 days in holiday … It doesn’t seem to be impossible, but I’m not sure if I will be able to play it in this speed …

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