[Op.69 No.2] Progress

I finally learned the 2nd sheet (of 4)

I think I’ll post the old parts as well, although it’s an old recording …

My oppinion about this piece is, that it’s easier to learn than To Zanarkand. The 2nd part went surprisingly well, so I managed to learn 2 sheets in about 3 weeks. The piece consists of 4 sheets, but from the middle of the 3rd sheet until the end of the 4th sheet it’s exactly the same from sheet 1 and 2, so I’m to 3/4th done 🙂

I already tried to play the remaining 3rd big part from the sheet and think, that the half is relatively easy, but there are about 10 measures which will be quite hard to learn …

Buuuut, what I experienced … My pedalling is worsing rapidly … I think I have really to put more focus on correct pedalling …

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