First Waltz

So, the time has come … About 3 weeks ago I started to learn my first waltz …

It’s from chopin Op.69 No.2 … Here my reference video which was played by cubusdk:

According to google, this piece is grade 7, but at least grade 6. But according to Wiki it’s „technically not demanding“. So I don’t know exactly how difficult it is, but I think I’ll need a lot longer than grade 6 students 😉

Until now, I needed 3 weeks for memorizing about 3/4th of the piece and practicing, until I could record the first quarter as audio:

There are several weaks in timing, but I think the dynamic is not too bad …

So, the 2nd sheet is memorized but can’t be played in performance speed yet, and the 3rd sheet is the most demanding part.

I think it will take at least another 3 weeks to complete the piece … But it makes really fun and it is somehow brightly and full of energy 🙂

Ein Gedanke zu „First Waltz

  1. Congratulations! You got it right.
    The hardest thing about memorizing this piece is that Chopin keeps changing subtle details to essentially identical portions… This is an obvious manifestation of his genius. As a result, you end up memorizing the repetitive portions while still keeping an eye on the notes, for the changed details.
    Concerning reading at performance speed, I think this is practically impossible because you need to know the fingering strategy beforehand. Otherwise, you feel like not having enough fingers in the fast movements of the piece.
    You may want to listen to Dinu Lipatti’s recording of Chopin‘ walzes for a definitive reference.
    Good luck in your pianistic endeavor!

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