Progress – 336bmp (To Zanarkand)

I’ve been practicing the fast part for exact 14 days with at least 2h daily.

It’s amazing and unbelievable to see when the cerebellum takes over and enables someone to play fast than the brain is capable of thinking.

I was getting faster and faster the last days, but realized today that the quality was decreasing. I mainly got in these parts faster which were easier to play because of advantegous position of my fingers. Other parts which were harder to play got faster too, but still slower then the easier parts.

I know this effect, since this happened with my first piece River Flows in You as well, but there I didn’t realize what a huge problem this could become.

So, I had to use the metronome. It’s still hard for me to play with metronome, especially when I have to fit 4 notes between 2 metronom beats and there are triplets as well. The speed of a quarter note is 84bpm, but it was easier for me to clock the metronome to 336bmp!And, I ignored the two triplets – they confuse me a lot 😉

I started at about 200bmp and were surprised, that the playing becomes easier when the notes are played in equal speed. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but it could something have to do with speed change from fast to slower and the mass (my arm) which has to be slowed down or speed up.

So, here’s the current result of the fast part:

Somehow, I tend to slow down a bit on the end of a measure. I’m not sure whether I really have to fix this, because it gives the part another feeling …

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