Stretch the hand

Oh, I think my hands are too small … There is a part (2 measures) in To Zanarkand, my hand is not large enough for.

The left hand has to play chords consisting of (C3, G3, E4 and D3, A3, F#4 for which I should have to strech my hand to reach over about 10 white keys. Surprisingly, my right hand can do it, but not my left. Seems then to be a matter of proper training?

I compared this with the other version of the FinalFantasy Piano Collection which looks like this:

Oh, wonder! These impossible-to-play-chords became arpeggios.

I tried it, but it’s still (too) difficult to play, even as arpeggio.

So, what to do? Play the first version and let a note behind? Or try to learn spanning 10 white keys with the left hand? Or try to play the arpeggio?

Not an easy decision 🙂

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