To Zanarkand

First of all, I haven’t learned it completly, yet. Sorry to have you to disappoint 😉

Perhaps I should take the time to give you the introduction of one of the most beautiful pieces I heard so far.

It is called To Zanarkand and is one of the music tracks of a computer game, called Fantasy 10. It was composed by Nobue Uematsu in 2001. If you are interested in more about the facts concerning the music in FinalFantasy, there is a Wikipedia site dedicated for it.

I found several different version of To Zanarkand. One of the most beatiful is an orchestral version:

One further beautiful interpretated verson (so far the best on piano) was played by Lypur:

My current progress is somewhere on the end on the 2nd sheet where the piece get’s a bit bitchy concerning the speed 🙂

There are several – I found 4 – arrangements, one of it is from the Final Fantasy X Piano Collection and should be considered as official version. But the version I’m learning was arranged by Mashashi Hamauzu.

The reson for learning a different than the official version is, that the sheets are simply clearer arranged, easier to learn. But the diffuculty should be the same.

If you are interested in learning To Zanarkand, you can compare the 4 versions for yourself:

Version 1 (Piano Collections short)
Version 2 (Piano Collections complete)
Version 3 (Masashi Hamauzu)
Version 4

Comments are welcome 🙂

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