New piece to learn …

As I looked around for a new piece I stumbeld over one video sequence of the movie Corpe’s Bride in which Victor performed a piece on a piano. The piece is simply called Victor’s piano solo.

Here a clip:

Unfortunately it suddenly ends with an „AAaaarrgh!“, so it’s not complete. Somebody tried to extend the uncomplete version and did that a good job that it is now circulating in the internet as complete version. It already has been played by many people, but somehow finding a version which was not recorded with a microphone seems to be a bit hard. Here are the sheets.

The best I found is this or Thomas Andersen’s version.

Sooo … actually I was a bit scared about the score. It doesn’T seem easy at all …

Buuut … The piece’s left hand is not sooo different from the left hand of River Flows in You, so the first third is surprisingly fast learned in about 3h. Of course it gets harder in the 2nd and 3rd third, but I think it won’t take 3 month … hopefully 🙂

Here a preview of me playing the first 42 seconds after one day of learning …

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