Two contests on youtube

There are two playing contests on youtube.

The first one is from Thomas Andersen (aka thomandy) who announced a playing contest of one of his own compositions in a very funny and must see video on youtube. The title of Thomas‘ piece is Prelude in F minor. Thomas means it’s about grade 1-2, but for people who didn’t ever play F minor it’s not that easy – including me, of course 🙂 But the piece is short and slow and I really like it 🙂 Deadline is the 16th Sep 2009.

The second one is from Andrew Furmanczyk (aka Lypur on youtube). He wrote a piece, called Dolphins. Andrew says in his announcement, that the piece would be about grade 6 because the timing is sometimes a bit tricky. Deadline is the 1st Nov 2009.

The price of both is exposure for about 2-3 weeks on the youtube channel of both. So, if you learn the pieces, post it and win the competion, you will win thousands of hits on youtube.

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