Did you ever think:“Wuuh … that’s sooo bloody hard, I won’t ever be able to play this fluently and in the right rythm“? 🙂

That was the case with the current piece Amelie Poulain – Comtine d’un autre ete l’apr.

Kind a brain teaser …


Tried a couple of days with about 2-3h daily … The unbelievable happened …

It turned out, that I will be able to play this piece of s… uhm … music 😀

Never say you will never learn something! Just try 🙂 It will become easier 🙂

And one further tip: remember that there were things you thought you wouldn’t be able to do ever – finally you did it. Just keep trying and everything will be possible 🙂

Ein Gedanke zu „Thoughts

  1. That’s absolutely right!!!!

    Whenever I find myself a bit stucked with a new difficult work, I always go backwards in time and think about the time I was 13 and started playing Oñasez from Aita Donostia, a basque composer. I really thought I would never make it. I looked so complex! But I did! Now it is one of my little jewels, a piece I can always play and always feel something with it!

    So yes! Just keep trying! 🙂

    PS. This piece of Amelie can be really tricky if your hands are not too big! (I don´t know how they are of course.. just commenting!)! And the so opened hand position can cause some stiffness! I would recommend you to use some rotation movements, so that so can help your fingers with your wrist!!! 🙂


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