Difficulties of learning piano

People, who want to learn something, often ask themselves, why is something supposed to be difficult, like playing piano.

From the point of view of someone, who isn’t even a beginner, a thing could look easy. You have got notes on a sheet, so you have to learn notes. And you have keys on a keyboard, so you have to find the keys and associate them with the notes on a sheet. Then you have to memorize the notes and practice by repeating and repeating until you know where the keys are, withouth thinking, because that would prevent playing fluently.

I could say, I now know the right keys on the keyboard and I know when to play them. Actually from the point of view above I should be able to play the piece.

The other thing ist … It’s getting clearer and clearer where the real difficulties are. It’s the dynamics, it’s the change in dynamics, it’s the perfect timing, it’s about emotions and so on …

The beginners point of view is: Ohh … I will never learn this … can’t do …

The basics can be learned fast, but then you get to a point, from which it’s a lot harder to progress further …

Whatever, I didn’t manage to play 3/4 of River flows in you without problems in timing and dynamics … Still, the last 1/4 has to be learned by heart …

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